Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meet Eric James Spannerman, Author of TDC #4: Applied Natural Magic

1. What aspects of Southwatch are you exploring in TDC 4: Applied Natural Magic?

I’m interested in how the city works. My main character, Charles Woodridge, starts out with conventional ideas about his world and how to succeed in it. The reality he encounters turns out to be far removed from what he expected. The story deals with what he does about that.

2. What about the Darkside Codex world made you want to write Applied Natural Magic? 

I was intrigued by a place where the contrast between rich and poor is as stark as it is in Southwatch. I was also interested in the “mashup” aspects of a world where robots exist side-by-side with fae, and science and magic are both taken for granted as normal parts of reality.

3. Is it easier or harder to write in a shared world?

On the whole, I find a shared world easier to write in. By making certain aspects of the world “fixed,” the shared world gives me a solid jumping-off point for the story I do want to tell. I also enjoy interacting with the other authors and talking about the world – especially the parts that are still under construction.

4. Who's your favorite character? And why?

Like most of my readers, my favorite character is Charles’ lab assistant, Mira Trevarias. I admire her resourcefulness, her utterly realistic view of the world, and her never-say-die determination. Especially when they’re contrasted with her pain and loneliness. She’s a complicated stew, and that’s what makes her interesting.

5. What is your background as a writer?

I was originally trained as a journalist, and I’ve written professionally for most of my working life. I was a Public Affairs Officer in the US Air Force, and a technical writer for several companies after that. My foray into fiction is only a few years old, and Applied Natural Magic is my first book.

6. How do we find you online?

Right now, the best place is my Facebook page, Eric Spannerman. Sometime in January, I plan to start a blog.

7. Are you a Darksider or a Sunsider?

I’ve got a complicated relationship with both. On one hand, I admire the Sunside ideals of refinement, civilization, and gracious living. On the other, the implicit and overt violence used to maintain power is hard to stomach. And while I revel in the freedom afforded by the Darkside, there’s also no question the place terrifies me at times.

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