Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Steampunk Musings Pt. 6: Volder's Workshop

This necklace is actually a USB Key!
Today's steampunk artist is a little bit different from the others hosted here so far. Every steampunk artist works hard to make their pieces functional as well as beautiful, but Volder has truly taken this to the next level with his incredible steampunk USB keys. As a writer, I'm doubly fond of creative USB keys--if it's also an art piece I'm way less likely to lose it--and his are certainly the best I've ever seen.

Please give Volder, creative mind behind the amazing Volder's Workshop, a warm welcome.

1. How did you discover steampunk?

Once, I was surfing the Internet and accidentally saw unusual design and interesting execution of goods. That was the beginning of my impetuous love of steampunk.

2. Why do you think steampunk has become so popular?

To my mind, everyone is fed up with monotonous strict style of today.

I wanted to create regular household items, but in a new, unusual style that combines: techno, military, vintage, retro, fantasy, etc. and use in one product a variety of materials.

3. What inspired you to start creating steampunk art?
And this is a Zippo!

As I can remember, I always wanted to create, but the inspiration has come to me only after 45 years of life, when I first saw steampunk art.

Immediately I had a lot of ideas, demonstrated ability and knowledge that I had not previously noticed in myself.

4. How long does it usually take you to create a piece?

The creation of my work takes different amounts of time. Everything happens when inspiration strikes.

Sometimes the work is very easy and understandable (2- 3 days), but sometimes it takes months for the implementation of the planned project ..

5. Out of all the pieces you've created, what's your favorite?

I have many favorite works, but probably the most popular are those works that have been made on a big creative euphoria! One of that works is my first work - USB flash drive "Doctor Web". There were many other works, but the first is still the most memorable!

6. Who's your favorite steampunk artist?

From steampunk artists, I was most impressed and inspired by works of Rafa Maya, Kazuhiko Nakamura, and Eric Freitas.

7. Are you working on anything exciting right now?

Every project is new and exciting for me.

Ideas are in the queue!

I always work!

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