The Inhabitants

Southwatch is home to many—human and otherwise. And while all Southwatch citizens are no doubt interesting and unique in their own ways, the following is a sort of "Who's Who" in Southwatch—a list of names you won't want to forget. (This page will be updated as the world progresses, so be sure to check back periodically.)

Louis IV is the emperor of the Dalraida Empire. (Southwatch is a city-state within this empire.) He resides in the imperial capital of St. Louis and has only visited Southwatch twice, although he has hinted he may visit soon. He tends to stay out of the running of his individual lands, trusting that his nobles in charge of these lands won't want to risk breaking the status quo—and their financial gains—to go against imperial decrees.

Thomas Amberville is the baron of Southwatch. He is just twenty-five years old and has no direct heirs to follow him—a situation that countless noble houses, industrialists, crime lords, and the Temple are trying to benefit from. While he makes major decisions regarding taxes and the use of the military, he spends most of his days concentrating on his racing air ships and his mistresses, leaving the day-to-day decisions to the mayor and city council.

Both fae and dark fae exist in Southwatch. Although many people discount their presence as mere fairy tales, others believe they are the force behind the Dark Cloud. The fae refer to humans as “moths” because of their short lives, and because they are drawn to electricity, metals, and strange new sources of power that often backfires on them with strange and disastrous results. The Seelie court, which is led by Duke Isengar Du Antiquini, attempts to guide some of the more open-minded scientists to include as much nature and naturally occurring elements in their actions, and some even adopt human families to look over. However, the Unseelie Court, which is led by Count Ragnar Blackthorne, enjoys playing physical pranks on the moths, and they don't get too concerned if physical harm happens to come to them in the process.

Brannar Isengar is the son of Duke Isengar. This fae prince is known as The Watcher in Southwatch, and he is working with the Angels of Steel to try and bring the humans of Southwatch and the Seelie Court together in an alliance that will dispel the Dark Cloud and make the air safe and healthy once more.


Southwatch is also populated with an assortment of mechanicals. The Winders are barely conscious mechanical workers that must literally be wound-up every so often. Myrmidons are semi-free-willed warrior mechanicals who are designed to fight alongside humans. The current deputy chief of police, Mancatcher, is a myrmidon with above-average free will. Cybernauts are humanoid mechanicals who work among humans, doing such jobs as laborers, nannies, and deliverymen. Androids, which are only rumored to exist, are supposed to be completely free-willed and contain the spirit of former humans who have been placed inside mechanical bodies.