Thursday, January 01, 2015

Celebrate The New Year with Awesome Steampunk

Things have been quiet here on The Darkside Codex blog for a while, but that isn't because we've been sitting on our laurels doing nothing. Many different things have been going on behind the scenes. We've been busy preparing for the release of The Caelimane Operation by Chris Pavesic, the next installment of The Darkside Codex series, organizing a multi-author blog tour and giveaway. We've also been working hard to plan a spectacular year here on The Darkside Codex blog, a mix of steampunk primer, interviews with amazing authors and interesting characters, and fantastic videos showcasing The Darkside Codex stories. We'll be announcing all of the upcoming TDC events in more detail soon, but for now you can start the year off right with this book trailer for Daniel Ausema's The Electro-Addictive Moth Flame and the giveaway below: a Rafflecopter giveaway