Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big Happenings on the Darkside Codex Front!

It is now less than a week from the launch of the Darkside Codex, with the release of The Darkside Codex 1: Storm Angel by CA Chevault this Friday, November 29. All of us who have worked on this project are very excited to take this first wild ride through the streets of Southwatch, and as a result we have a lot to discuss.

First off--for current TDC authors and hopeful future submitters, a new version of The Darkside Codex Bible will be available beginning tomorrow.  This version of the bible includes changes and additions as a result of TDC 1: Storm Angel and TDC 2: The Electro-Addicted Moth Flame by Daniel Ausema.  This bible also has expanded to include more detailed information about the world--things that we might have missed before. New sections include more details about the Aerie, the Angels of Steel, the Lyric Opera House, the Caelimane Temple, Thomas Amberville (the Baron of Southwatch and its ruler), the history, composition, and purpose of the Dark Cloud, both the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts, Titles of the artistocracy, and much, much more.  If you are currently writing a story for the Darkside Codex, you will need this bible as reference.  Email Celina Summers at for an updated version.

Then, this week we will be featuring new information about Southwatch, its institutions, and citizens all week on this blog.  We'll talk with author CA Chevault about Storm Angel, and find out what she thinks of TDC.  We'll take a look at the Angels of Steel, who feature prominently in Storm Angel, and tour the golden bessem airship that is the Caelimane Temple. We'll explore the city of Southwatch--at least, the areas we know about--and we'll roll out information about The Electro-Addicted Moth Flame and TDC 3: On Wings of Steel by Codex co-creator Richard White.

Then on Friday, we'll launch The Darkside Codex with the release of TDC 1: Storm Angel. Musa Publishing is hosting events all over the internet for their Black Friday releases, so stay tuned to this blog--we'd be willing to bet that you'll have a chance to win a free download of Storm Angel if you're paying attention.

And then on Monday, December 2, Musa is having its amazing Cyber Monday sale!  For that one day, EVERY book on the Musa website will be FIFTY percent off. (Capitalizing that FIFTY is our way of saying, "No, you read that right--everything is half off.")

So authors, be patient as we update the site with the latest information, and readers, get ready to take a stroll through the spires, streets, chutes, and tunnels of Southwatch--make sure you're wearing your mask and filtration unit first. The Darkside Codex is almost here, and we can't wait to share this exciting new world with you.